Wendy Fraley - Columbus State Community College 50th Anniversary

When Wendy Fraley reflects on her decision to attend Columbus State Community College, she says every class had a direct impact on her chosen field of fitness.

"All my classes applied directly to the growth of my career on all levels," says Fraley, who earned an Associate of Arts. "I took sport law, business management, accounting, exercise physiology, sport injury/prevention. They all were critical to my career."

Fraley has made a career of fitness. She is the director of fitness and aquatics at New Albany Country Club. Prior to her current post, she spent 15 years with World Fitness Centers and seven years with Wedgewood Country Club.

"Columbus State embraces all students of all ages, and on all career paths."

"Columbus State embraces all students of all ages, and on all career paths," Fraley says. "The classes cater to life - your job, family, even hobbies, and they offer classes at a variety of times so that each individual can pursue a better education while they go about living their life."

It was Columbus State's personal touch that helped her earn her degree.

"Dr. Tom Habegger not only welcomed me upon our first meeting at Columbus State, but he followed me throughout my college years, making sure I got all the credits and classes I needed while working in my field of expertise. The professors at Columbus State care. They are there to make sure education is first and that every person matters. "

Fraley says she is honored to have a seat on the Student Advisor Board for Sport and Exercise Studies at Columbus State, where she helps shape the program for the future. She stays connected with the team for student intern opportunities.

"I'm happy to do anything I can for the students," she says. "I'm in a position now where I can give back to students who are hungry for growth in the hospitality/wellness field."

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