50 Years of Impact

chartIf you've ever flown on an airplane in Columbus, chances are good a Columbus State grad kept the engine running.

If you've ever eaten at a nice restaurant in Columbus, chances are good there was a Columbus State graduate in the kitchen.

If a police officer has ever responded to your call, or if you've ever needed care from
an EMT, chances are they were Columbus State grads, too.

If you live in a house, chances are it was built Columbus State grads, who were managed by other Columbus State grads, on land surveyed by Columbus State grads. If you've ever called an HVAC tech when your furnace went out, that was probably one of ours, too.

If you go to the doctor, you're likely greeted by a Columbus State grad, and one of our grads is running the office. When you go in for surgery, you'll likely look up at a crew of Columbus State-trained Surgical Technicians.

But our impact goes further than that. Thousands of students have started their bachelor's degrees here, then transferred to another college to finish their degree. Our grads are leading major organizations and making an impact in their fields ... or just quietly building a great career for themselves and their families.

If you know a student who started from humble beginnings but needed a shot, they likely started here. If you know a C student who needed a year with small class sizes and personal attention to get ready for a four-year school, they likely started here. And if you know a student graduating with no student loan debt ... ditto.

If you're an employer looking for job-ready people, you can look to us. If you're wondering if you can find enough good employees for your expansion, look to us. If you want good news about the long-term growth potential for Central Ohio, then here we are.

A 2010 economic development impact study showed that students get a 19 percent return on their investment with us, earning $6.20 for every $1 spent here. Taxpayers get a 15 percent ROI, and the state of Ohio saves $7.3 million a year from improved health and reduced welfare, unemployment and crime. Our alums enjoy increased productivity and earnings to the tune of an additional $944 million each year, thanks to their time here.

But beyond those numbers, Columbus State has as the front door to higher education, and a gateway to prosperity throughout our region, for the last 50 years. And we're just getting started.