Master Plan

We're developing our Master Plan plan through a comprehensive process. With the help of a consulting firm, we queried business, leaders, community leaders, faculty, staff, students and alumni.

The plan follows six guiding priciples:

  • Enhance the Learning Environment. Student success principles and academic program needs will guide facility decisions. Formal and informal spaces that inspire student learning, enhance the visibility of academic programs, and expand the availability of modern classrooms and other teaching and learning spaces will be priorities.
  • Enrich Student Life. The college will provide welcoming, safe, and comfortable spaces that meet the diverse needs of students and evoke a strong sense of place. Space design also will take into account student needs that exist across the broad range of student ages, cultures and lifestyles, physical abilities and working schedules.
  • Develop Strategic Partnerships. The College will seek like-minded partners to advance student success and workforce outcomes, share resources, pursue regional priorities in a collaborative manner, and maximize impact.
  • Use Resources Responsibly. Environmental stewardship will guide design and priority decisions. Bikeways, bike corrals, and public transit will be integral means of access. Design principles will include compact and walkable campus environments and energy efficient and sustainable solutions for college facilities and grounds. Structured parking is preferred over surface parking to maximize green space. New construction and renovations will be completed in an environmentally and financially sustainable manner.
  • Design for the Future. The College will recognize the impact emerging technologies will have on building and facility needs, including classrooms and other learning environments, common spaces, and parking. The College will design flexible spaces to accommodate expected and unexpected needs.
  • Preserve Unique Character. Design principles shall be applied consistent with the unique character of Columbus State's Columbus Campus and Delaware Campus.

Columbus State Master Plan (pdf)